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Thursday, 25 August 2011

If Bridget Jones had a mummy-blog

It would look something like this:

Hours of TV watched with kids: 2
Number of chocolate button bribes dispensed: 3
Number of battles picked: 4
Days since last hoovered: 2

Actually, that's kind of the running total I have in my head most days. Just don't ask me when I last got time to clean the bathroom.*

Some days, just getting to bedtime feels like a huge achievement. I'm not averse to a bit of TV, but there is something eerie about watching my bubbly toddler turn into a glassy-eyed zombie which makes me frankly uneasy. Particularly if it is a nice day outside. (Today it isn't. Which will bring me onto my next post shortly - things to do on rainy days with the kids...)

Don't get me wrong, I do try to keep TV consumption within the bounds of what I consider 'moderate' - 2 hours at the outside. Days when we don't have any TV on are the grail of my parenting, though - and usually that happens on days when baby boy has deigned to grace us with a decent sleep the night before and I have more mental resource to call upon as a result. (Rare! So rare!)

They don't call TV the electric babysitter for no reason - but you don't get pictures of 'mummies in magazines' of them all crowded round Cbeebies, now do you? And I am fairly sure a good indication of watching too much TV is when my son's second word appears to be "Peppa" (as in Pig).

But frankly, when life resembles the chicken-farmer-fox-grain puzzle most days, I don't know what people did before childrens' television, when they needed to, say, have a wee in peace... And at 5 mins per episode, Peppa Pig is a good length for a 'comfort break'.

There we go, my first mummy-blog post and already I'm oversharing... ;)

*Yes, I know, I could be doing some cleaning now, but only one of the kids is napping. The other 'ankle-biter' is doing just that as I type. I'm multi-tasking, so there!


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