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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

"Narabug" cakes

Waybuloo's back in the Bedtime Hour on Cbeebies. We mourn the passing of Charlie and Lola, but thankfully they're not messing with Abney and Teal or I swear we'd riot. Waybuloo is too long for the first half of the Bedtime Hour. Charlie and Lola was perfect, I could let ToddlerGirl watch that to the end before slapping on the mandatory Octonauts episode and we'd still be in the bath before 6.30. If she catches the start of Waybuloo though, we're stuffed.

The other side effect of Waybuloo now being on at 6pm is that my other half gets the opportunity to sample its wares. This meant that last night, marital conversation centred on whether or not the Narabugs were butterflies or not. I had always assumed that they were; caricatured of course, but still butterflies. I was scandalised therefore when a recent episode showed a Narabug laying an egg - and don't think insect-egg here, think hen-egg - in a nest, that then hatched into a fully-fledged Narabug. Did the Hungry Caterpillar pupate in vain?!

I relayed this tale of indignation and asked for the general consensus. ToddlerGirl insists that Narabugs are butterflies. My husband disagrees, and concludes that Narabugs are their own unique genus. I concede that the adults in this conversation are perhaps taking it too seriously. It's not like they are telling us something factually inaccurate, like snakes are slimy, but everytime I see a Narabug now, I think of that egg and it irks me.

But I'll tell you what doesn't irk me - cake.

A dozen or so fairycakes. Made or *coughcough* shop-bought.
3oz butter
6oz icing sugar for butter-icing
1oz icing sugar for water-icing
Food colouring
Cocoa (optional)
Chocolate chips

Using a sharp knife, cut out the centre of the cakes, taking care not to go too deep, but deep enough to get a good fix of butter icing wodged in there. Take the cut-out cake-section to one side and chop it in two to make 'wings'.
Mix butter and icing sugar, and colour as desired.
Use a teaspoon to dollop butter-icing into cake.
Wedge wings into butter icing.
Mix a few drops of water with icing sugar to a texture slightly runnier than paste. Colour icing as desired (here we added cocoa to make the brown colour).
Add body detail with water icing, using the edge of a teaspoon to apply.
Add two choc chips as eyes.
Let the icing set before eating (yeah right...)

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  1. Oh, they look fabulous (even though I have no idea what narabugs are).

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