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Monday, 3 October 2011

Treasure chest

As I pondered the plethora of pirates in a previous post, I'll skip the agonising about modelling unhealthy materialist and capitalist traits, and cut to the chase: what does every good pirate need? Treasure!

Lotta and Lola make an excellent treasure chest in a bid to reunite Marv and Charlie over their shared love of Captain Squidbones. (I haven't raved about Charlie and Lola yet, but I really should get around to it, it is wonderful. Charlie is the ultimate long-suffering elder sibling; if only my maternal patience were as enduring! Mind you, Charlie and Lola's mother is unhealthily hands-off, if you ask me.)

This treasure chest is fast and easy to make, and can be similarly decorated with sparkly bits if desired. We've not got around to that bit yet, being a little distracted by the chocolate coins. (You won't catch me moaning about Christmas stuff being in the shops early!)

1 washing tablet box
Brown paper
A black marker pen
Optional decorative bits and bobs/chocolate coins!

Cover the box with the brown paper
Add detail of lock and nail-heads with pen
Decorate if desired.

To make an added game of it, hide the coins around the room/garden - the kids can go find them to add to their 'hoard' in the box. If they last that long, and don't get eaten straightaway...

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  1. Oh I love this box... DD is unhealthily into pirates at the moment, and her favourite game is pirate ships... I am the long suffering 'lookout' (I want to be the captain... waiiillll)

    I am off to find a box to see if I can make this without A) killing myself... I am known to be extremely uncreative and clumsy and B) getting it look anywhere as cute as yours :-)

    Thank you Gertie!