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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Baby Jake: Footprint fun

Have you seen Baby Jake? A relatively new addition to CBeebies, in that style of animation I find a little creepy with people but fun with cats. But one of the rare TV offerings both my under-1 and nearly-3 year old both like.

So: Baby Jake. A bit bizarre. Don't look too closely at the rabbit. The longer you stare, the freakier it gets.

It's fine, is Baby Jake. It's repetitively familiar, same basic plots, same characters, same songs (both my kids love the "goggy gia" one and that other one he always sings - I want to call it the "oggy oggy oggy" song, but suspect I am conflating my references). It keeps both kids quiet for 10 minutes which is a rare gift and not to be argued with.

Anyway. There was an episode which was a "snowy adventure" and centred on footprints which captivated my toddler. And so the following activity was born, the closest approximation I could manage in the circumstances.


A tray/dish

Add flour to tray. Stamp toy's feet in flour. Make footprints.

Get bored of making footprints. Add water to flour. Make playdough.

An easy way to kill an hour... And if you are super-organised, you can even then transform the playdough into papier-mache adhesive.

Which was a thought that only struck me as I made up the papier-mache mix later that day.

"Magic baby see, magic baby do", they sing at the end... Which always reminds me of a certain Nirvana song, which is as tenuous a link as I need to link to it.

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  1. Yakky yakky yoggy, moo, moo, moo...
    that's just what we love to do :-)