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Friday, 16 September 2011

Something Special: Mr Tumble's spotty bag

There is a new series starting on Monday, cue much excitement in our household. In honour of the occasion we have made our own spotty bag:

1 cereal box
1 piece of card (or side of another cereal box)
1 bin-bag
1 piece of paper

Cut down one edge of the cereal box from top to bottom lengthways, and across the bottom edge widthways, so you create a flap down one of the long sides (see below).
Tape up the opened end of the cereal box (i.e. where you originally opened the box), leaving just the flap you have cut free.
Cut other piece of card so that it can be stuck overlapping the flap you created (and stick it thusly), and bend it so it forms the 'main flap' which overhangs the bag.
Round off the bottom two edges of the card (as shown).

Cover box with white paper (or papier mache if so inclined).
Paint white paper yellow.
Draw around various circular objects and colour in the circles to make the spots. (My toddler had lots of fun looking for circles. We used a bottle lid, cotton reel, beaker, etc.)
Cut a strip from the binbag lengthways to form the strap of the bag. Attach to inside of box with sellotape.
Cut more strips from the binbag to form the bag detail (two strips down front of bag, strips around bottom edges and across bottom of box. Do I need to tell you to be careful about binbags and suffocation/bag-strap strangulation risks? If I do, consider yourself told.)
Stick spots onto boxes.
Finally, admire your toddler modelling bag.

(Postscript - Mr Tumble's got a new bag for the new series! To make the new bag, simply omit the black strips and leave the bottom of the bag yellow.)


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