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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Peppa Pig: The 10 second den

This doesn’t look much like a treehouse, does it? Well, that’s because our trees aren’t sturdy and my curtain-raising skills are lacking.

But The Pig has a treehouse, and so shall we... sort of.

To do this, you ideally need a bed that is a converted cot-bed, or a bed with a tall headboard and bottomboard (or whatever the technical term is for the bottom bit).

1 sheet – preferably not elasticated

Basically, what you’re creating is a giant knotted handkerchief-hat, so:

Knot one corner of the sheet.
Stretch the sheet across to another corner of the bed and tie another knot, slipping the sheet over the end of the bedhead.
Repeat with other two corners, tightening any knots as necessary to create the right tension.

Lastly, establish the password to gain admittance. (Although it is a kids bed and sturdiness must be a consideration, so I don’t suggest piling multiple occupants in at once, unless of the cuddly toy variety.) “Daddy’s big tummy” is Peppa’s preferred password, if you’re in need of inspiration...


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