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Monday, 5 September 2011

Peppa Pig: The Scarecrow

Or perhaps that should be 'bearcrow'. Either way, it's going to give me nightmares.

"Mummy! I love it!", she says. I feel a curious mixture of pride and revulsion towards my creation. This must be what it feels like to be Dr Frankenstein.

Look at it. It's like an extra from a Slipknot video.

This hat used to be cute. Now it's just freaky.

This is what comes of watching too much Peppa Pig. There is, of course, an episode in which Peppa and her brother George make a scarecrow with Grandpa Pig, which is the only thing that I can think which may have inspired my daughter's request to do the same. (Although there is the dingle-dangle scarecrow song too, which is an occasional favourite, if not for some time.)

The clothes which Baby Boy has outgrown are sitting in what we shall call a well-ordered pile at the bottom of his wardrobe. So it seemed a sensible plan to use those as the basis for construction, but then I realise I've basically made an unsettling baby-sized effigy.

My daughter's reaction of delight and wonder contrasts sharply with my husband's. "What is THAT?" he asks.

It's a scarecrow, obviously. Want to make your own? Here's how:


1 wooden spoon
Old clothes (suggest a hat, a long-sleeved bodysuit and trousers for ease of assembly)

Tie off the ends of the legs and sleeves of the clothes with string.
Insert trousers through leg holes of bodysuit.
Stuff trousers with newspaper.
Insert wooden spoon into sleeves of body suit.
Stuff body suit with newspaper.
Stuff hat with newspaper.
Tie bottom of hat off with string.
Tie hat to wooden spoon with string.

Ta-daaaah! Now I just have to work out how long I have to keep it in the house before I can get rid of it without daughter getting upset...


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