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Monday, 19 September 2011

Please don't batter your brother

Please don't batter your brother,
It really is awfully rude.
He thinks it's good fun,
To play with someone:
He doesn't know you're in a mood.

Please don't bash the baby,
It stresses me out to the edge.
You say that you love him:
So hug him don't shove him,
Or I'll really jump off the ledge.

Please don't pester the puss-cat,
She'll likely do more than demur.
You just want to play, see,
But that ukelele
Is not made for stroking cat-fur.

Please don't slap your sibling,
I tell you it's really not on.
It might be your toy,
But keep hitting the boy,
And mummy will make it be gone.

Please don't mither your mother.
It's been an awfully long day.
The only thought in my brain
That's keeping me sane,
Is bedtime is coming, hurray!


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