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Friday, 23 September 2011

Dipdap: Snow-shaker

Dipdap is an odd little cartoon. At only two minutes in length, it's quite convenient if my toddler wants to watch one more thing before we turn the TV off. There's no dialogue, it's all music and sound effects - great for export, one would imagine. It's very simply drawn, and for a character with no facial features other than saucer-eyes, Dipdap conveys quite a range of emotions. It's an amusing little animation. Baby Boy thinks so, anyway.

Dipdap lives in a world where The Line creates random situations around him. It's great fun trying to guess what the Line is drawing, and what will happen next. Rolf Harris would love it. Probably.

In one episode, Dipdap finds himself inside a snowglobe. The shaker inspired by this isn't exactly a snowglobe, but both kids seem to get a kick out of it.

1 plastic see-through bottle
Some sequins/metal table confetti
Some olive oil (a few tablespoons or so)
Some water

Pour water into the bottle.
Carefully add the sequins/confetti.
Add the olive oil.
Close lid - tightly!

Baby Boy just likes shaking it and watching the bits fall. My toddler likes the 'bubbles' that the oil and water make when they mix. The oil was a last minute experimental addition, but it definitely makes it more interesting: the confetti goes down, while the oil bubbles go up. Hours of fun! (Well, minutes, anyway...)

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  1. Great idea, I'm going to give it a try.