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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Peppa Pig: Fairground game

The fairground episode of Peppa is a classic. Don't mess with Mummy Pig! She wins all the giant teddies at various fairground games, spurred on to victory by dismissive comments from the stall-holders. "You've got no chance, it's impossible!" says Miss Rabbit, but I think it is Mr Bull who has a line something like "Archery is a game of skill, too hard for women!" Watch Mummy Pig's eyes narrow... You can see why Daddy Pig wants to stay on the right side of her.

We were in town the other week and the fairground was set up on the common. My daughter was very excited to see it, so we had a wander round. I had no idea how expensive those things are these days! She had a go on the bouncy castle, a carousel, and a trampoline, leaving no change from a fiver. Lord help us when Baby Boy's old enough to want to go on things too. Peppa Pig's fairground only charges £1 a go! Our was between £1.50-£2.00. That's inflation for you...

Behold the mutant offspring then, of too much Petit Filous and cost-cutting skinflintery. Our very own DIY fairground game.

6 empty yogurt pots
1 piece A4 paper
Some old wrapping/tissue paper

Decorate A4 paper, and then cut into strips to wrap round the (cleaned) pots
Stick strips onto pots (although you could probably not bother with the decoration if so inclined)
Screw up the old wrapping or tissue paper into a ball
Stack pots and throw ball at them - well, you get the idea.

Baby Boy liked knocking down the 'towers' of pots, squashing them and trying to build them up again. My toddler liked playing the actual game, so it pleased both of them, provided they both weren't both trying to play with it at the same time. I think I need more pots!

Luckily(!), given the amount of yogurt we get through between the two of them, we're in no shortage of the darned things... I'm wondering if they're potentially good for potting seedlings if I have another go at growing stuff again next Spring. 101 uses for a yogurt pot?


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