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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First day at preschool

It was my eldest's first day at pre-school today! So I can add 'making packed lunches' to mummy-duties now...

I may have oversold the 'packed lunch' part of pre-school. My daughter hated her last nursery, so I was keen to make the distinction between preschool and what had gone before. She's always had a thing for picnics, and a packed lunch is close enough to make her happy. We made biscuits yesterday, figuring I may as well start out with good domestic goddess intentions (although there are Mr Kipling cake bars are in the cupboard - and I almost needed them, as I accidentally overcooked the biscuits by 15 minutes).

So, as I had told her that the biscuits were for preschool, my daughter was somewhat outraged when I picked her up that 'we didn't have biscuits mummy!'. I checked her lunchbag, and it was still sitting there in its bag. It turns out that while I need to send her lunch, their snacks get provided. Who knew? Hopefully that's the only preschool faux pas we'll make.

Anyway, while I spent an anxious day, fretting how she was getting on, her day - despite lack of biscuit - seemed to go well. She seems to be quite keen to go back... which is possibly the upside of being confined to the house for three weeks while we dealt with the chicken pox...


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